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Design patterns

Posted on 06 Kasım 2018 in Programlama by


IOS Pushkit integration

Posted on 06 Kasım 2018 in Programlama by

Necessary tools: https://github.com/noodlewerk/NWPusher

How to make a c++ class singleton easily

Posted on 06 Kasım 2018 in Programlama by


Refactoring singleton usage in Swift

Posted on 06 Kasım 2018 in Programlama by

In this post, it is explained how to properly use of singleton in view controllers. It basically uses dependency injection

IOS introduction to delegates

Posted on 04 Kasım 2018 in Programlama by

Understanding Delegates and Delegation in Swift 4

Concurrent vs serial queues in GCD

Posted on 03 Kasım 2018 in Programlama by

There is a good conversation here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19179358/concurrent-vs-serial-queues-in-gcd An example to running sync call and async queue. Sync task in a

Finding top view controller in swift

Posted on 11 Ekim 2018 in Programlama by

How to find visible view controller?

Thread safe variable usage in singleton (IOS-swift)

Posted on 04 Ekim 2018 in Programlama by

Thread safety is accomplished by having a computed property foo which uses an internalQueue to access the “real” _foo property.

Must have iOS libraries

Posted on 10 Eylül 2018 in Programlama by

https://medium.com/app-coder-io/27-ios-open-source-libraries-to-skyrocket-your-development-301b67d3124c Especially I love https://github.com/dzenbot/DZNEmptyDataSet Action sheet controller https://github.com/xmartlabs/XLActionController?utm_source=mybridge&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=read_more Expanding collection https://github.com/Ramotion/expanding-collection?utm_source=mybridge&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=read_more Swift algorithms https://github.com/raywenderlich/swift-algorithm-club IOS library collection https://github.com/matteocrippa/awesome-swift

ios swift mvvm tutorials

Posted on 02 Ağustos 2018 in Programlama by

You can find useful mvvm tutorials below: https://medium.com/flawless-app-stories/how-to-use-a-model-view-viewmodel-architecture-for-ios-46963c67be1b https://medium.com/@azamsharp/mvvm-in-ios-from-net-perspective-580eb7f4f129 A good video from raywenderlich